My Benock Okuda Putter


This is not a putter by SEVEN,  it is a Benock Putter by Jun Okuda which was personally made for me at his factory in Kyoto Japan.   Because TSG owns the brand SEVEN I decided to deck it out in our style using one of my favorite shapes that Benock offers the ANDIRA.

The only way to purchase a Benock putter is by a personal fitting in their Tokyo studio or the Kyoto HQ Factory.  This is unlike any other fitting as Benock has the capabilities to custom design your putter to your specs adjusting all dimensions mathematically to reach what is best for your stroke and putting tendencies.  Ready for more?  Follow the Jump…


Benock employs 4 full time autocad designers yet they have the capacity to make fewer than 10 putters each day.  These CAD designers do adjustments on every putter to make sure the weight, face angle, toe hang, lie and other details perform best for you.  Compare this to the way other companies do things where they have putters they try to fit you into by adjusting the specs.  Well Benock figures out your specs in the fitting then designs the putter that putts best for you and meets your eye’s visual preference.  So while 2 putters may look the same there are the slightest differences in the neck placement, toe hang, and countless other details.


All Benock putters are manufactured using Japanese 5-Axis state of the art technology,  he also utilizes german controllers on his CNC machines and specially designed Italian CAD software.  Benocks capabilities are unrivaled and actually excess considering the application of golf putters.

None of the edges are hand polished,  this is 100% CNC milled edges.  I’ve seen Benock putters cost as low as $1000 usd but have also seen some options alone that cost over $7000.  It’s really about the players desires.


This is just one of my Benock putters but considering I own a company that produces and sells some very fine quality 100% made in Japan putters I still say we can’t touch what Benock is capable of.  If you are interested in a fitting the best way to do so is contact TourSpecGolf and we can schedule one for you in the Tokyo or Kyoto area.  Do keep in mind it requires at least a 1k purchase and deposit to even arrange and chances are you will end up breaking the bank and walking out with a few just like I had to.


There are multiple face milling designs designed around optimal roll and feel.  Of course I went with the design I felt produced the softest feel in combination with Japanese SUS303.


I really love our SEVEN logo and felt it made the perfect alignment aid.  From a CNC stand point it isn’t the easiest logo to produce in such a small area.  Below you can see our logo reverse engraved on the putters toe.


The inner cavity is polished while most other angles are bead blast to avoid glare.


The sole also has a unique effect on the text SEVEN while a deep and wide slit was added to help adjust the balance of the putter in relation to the neck placement and length.


Needless to say I am very happy with my Benock Putter and will be adding more to the collection soon.  Again if interested get in touch with [email protected] and we can schedule you a Benock fitting in english.




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