ARESO Custom 400g Putter by Rock Wu

Areso Golf by Rock Wu8

Areso E13 Custom Mallet Tuned by Gold’s Factory – This is one special putter,  first off it’s not your normal Areso putter this one has no logo in the back cavity.  The standard weights have also been removed for custom handmade golds factory tungsten inserts which are much heavier bringing the head weight up to 400g.  The E13 mallet was then refinished in NiCr Satin,  standard this putter is usually black and we often find NiCr finishes provide a softer more dense feel at impact.

The E13 has a flare tip hosel it’s slightly toe heavy for those that have a regular arc in their putting stroke.  It’s CNC milled on a 4-Axis machine made of S25C so it feels nice and soft at impact.  Follow the jump for more photos…

Areso Golf by Rock Wu3

Areso Golf by Rock Wu6

Areso Golf by Rock Wu7

Areso Golf by Rock Wu4

Areso Golf by Rock Wu5

Areso Golf by Rock Wu2

Areso Golf by Rock Wu1




  1. todd martin : June 10, 2017 at 5:08 pm

    Hi , I am in need of a set of weights for my Areso putter, it is a E13, i have 15 g weights and would like 10g and even 5 if you have them , I also need the tool to put the weight in and take them out, do you have them to sell ??

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