Another Fine Set of Mizuno Yoro Craft MP-66’s

Mizuno MP-66 Golf Irons YORO8

Hello Beautiful…  MP-66 Yoro Craft Irons and TSG has thrown the kitchen sink into these.  Where to start?  The MP-66’s are Mizuno’s newest iron,  it’s Japan Only and Mizunos new flagship players CB.  It’s small,  soft, and forgiving.   Much more forgiving than it’s predecessor.

Our customers absolutely love the MP-5,  MP-55 and MP-66.  The feedback has been outstanding in feel and forgiveness across all three of those models.   When you add over the top options to these sets it takes them from great to amazing depending on your specific needs.   We got some great pics to drool at after the jump…

Mizuno MP-66 Golf Irons YORO7

Mizuno MP-66 Golf Irons YORO2

After we post this a bunch of inquiries will come in asking if this set is available.  Yes this exact set used for these very photos is now available first come first serve.  It’s 5-PW and has a slew of upgrades to gawk over.

Mizuno MP-66 Golf Irons YORO10

Above you can see it has reduced offset,  this is a common request “+0.5mm Face Progression”.  It’s pretty amazing how sexy these look at address.  The offset isn’t the only reason. ( see above ).

The sole has a custom leading edge grind to help the steeper swinger dig less ( see below ).

Mizuno MP-66 Golf Irons YORO3

Of course we has the boys at Yoro remove Grain Flow Forged on the neck for the 2010 laser etched Yoro designation.

We requested a straight top line over curved and a more square toe both options our Yoro clients often request.    How do you like this shape?

Mizuno MP-66 Golf Irons YORO11

It’s got a double nickel satin finish which is soft,  bright and with no glare,  It absorbs the sun even at noon.   The stamping is the only alternative offered called A-66 and it simply removes the MP-66 designation on the right side of the back face.

Zero paint fill :)

Mizuno MP-66 Golf Irons YORO1

Below another look at the leading edge grind,  it was beautifully done.

Mizuno MP-66 Golf Irons YORO4

This 5-PW set is attached to the Modus 105 shaft in stiff.  the #5 is at 38″ the swing weights are at D3 and the clubs rubber are the New Decade Multi Compound Blue cords  (Mizuno original).

Mizuno MP-66 Golf Irons YORO5

I had to post another of the top line.  Enjoy and be on the lookout for these in the TSG proshop.

Mizuno MP-66 Golf Irons YORO6



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