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Introducing the A-Grind Y-PROTO Driver – Right now A-Grind has a total of 3 drivers in their line up,  the Classic 350,  440cc,  and now the new Y-PROTO in this blog post I will break down the type of player that should be using each one yet our main focus will be on the new Y-PROTO as you see in these pics after the jump…

A-Grind Classic 350 – This driver is very small,  it has a low trajectory and muted feel at impact.  It’s geared to the absolute golf purest who still loves the smaller shaped heads and those low shooting less forgiving drivers of past,  TSG suggest it for the low handicap purest golfer.

A-Grind 440 – This one is for most people from mid/high handicaps to even low handicap players it’s 440cc with a deep face and low center of gravity combined with low spin,  it’s forged face feels very soft and the club features a mid/high trajectory.  It’s available in a light weight or heavy weight spec in 9.5 and 10.5 lofts.

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A-Grind Y-PROTO Driver – This new A-Grind driver is an interesting one it’s 410cc’s with a shallow face design and standard open face angle.  It was designed with the input from JPGA player Yasuharu Konno who has 7 JPGA victories.  The concept of this driver is easy to hit yet easy to shape shots,  it’s shallow face and optimal forward and mid CG location combined with strong lofts 9*/10* produce a piercing mid/high trajectory.

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While being 410cc’s it has bigger footprint when looking down at it from address due to the flattening of the head to create a more shallow face it gives the appearance of forgiveness for more confidence to the player.

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The 9* comes standard with a 1* open face angle while the 10* features a 1.5* open face angle,  head weight is 200g and with a 58.5* lie angle.

TSG is offering these as heads only or you can get in touch with us via email [email protected] for a custom build with the best shafts & grips Japan has to offer.

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  1. Agrind make sweet looking clubs. I hear they perform too. How would you compare this driver to the Kamui KM300?

  2. Finally a 350cc head! It’s about time the golf industry started going smaller.

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