A-GRIND DST Utility Wood

A-Grind Hybrid Utility DST6

Here you have it, Ako-san’s latest creation the DST utility wood also known as the Type-D.   For those of you who are not familiar with A-Grind it is the vision of Yusuke Ako,  Ako-san has been a part of the Japan Tour for over a decade and the designer at Royal Collection from 2004 till 2013 yes and he is the man who created the majority of the fairway woods including every Original Sonartec model that went to the states.  In other words this man can design fairways and hybrids like no other and the early adopters of A-Grind’s products couldn’t agree more.  The customer feedback is most often that A-Grinds products are shaped great,  feel awesome and easier to hit that most.   The Type-D (DST) series is the most forgiving fairway and utility wood in the brands entire line up.  Ready for more?  Follow the Jump!

A-Grind Hybrid Utility DST1

It’s compact and square,  the matte finish makes it look a bit more aggressive.  Shape is one of the things that A-Grind does best.  The Type-D checks all the boxes in this regard.

So how does this stack up against the other A-Grind woods?

A-Grind CMB Driving Iron – a hollow stainless steel iron based club that produces a lower, tighter and more penetrating trajectory.

A-Grind Utility – I consider this half driving iron / half hybrid,  it’s smaller than the usual hybrid club,  it’s a touch higher and easier to hit than the driving iron.  It is not a full fleged hybrid it sits in between and comparatively has a medium trajectory designed around workability.

A-Grind Proto Hybrid – I really like this club,  its basically a small version of this Type-D,  so check both out.  This proto is a little small but it’s the sexiest hybrid shape I’ve ever seen.  It feed great and is easy to hit, customers absolutely love this one.

A-Grind Type-D Hybrid ( DST ) – The one in this post,  similar to the proto but with a wider sole,  a bit more mass around the edges as well.  this is not big and perhaps slightly undersized compared to other hybrids yet still it’s A-Grinds most forgiving utility woods.

A-Grind Hybrid Utility DST5

And then the face on this one…  It is beautiful and it feels great at impact like all of Ako-san’s fairway clubs.  The sole is simple and curved right so it enters and exits turf well.  The face is semi shallow but still in a players preferred shape.

This build is shafted with a Fujikura MCH 80 Stiff.  I spec’d it to sell but if it were me I would order a Crazy STP Stiff 70 as it’s the go to and best UT shaft out right now.

The performance is very much like the PROTO UT but slightly easier and higher.  It has the perfect and soft spongy feel and sounds at impact and the shape is what takes the cake.  Coming to the TSG Proshop this week.

A-Grind Hybrid Utility DST3



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