A-GRIND CMB Combo Irons

A-GRIND CMB Combo Irons – It’s not often we see dedicated set of combo irons produced by a brand so kudo’s to A-Grind for releasing the all new CMB series which is designed as a true combo set matching the  the MB & CB in shape, size, and performance along with a dedicated driving iron to replace the your long irons for more forgiveness.

Each of the 3 CMB products can be purchased ala carte as full sets irons ( non-combo ) but both A-Grind & TSG suggests #3/4 in the Driving Iron #5/6/7 in CB with #8/9/PW MB.  Of course you can mix it up any way you want and I mean any way you can possibly think up given all the lofts they provide.  Follow the Jump for comparison images of all the different models.


Forged of S25C in a brushed satin finish the MB iron is your traditional blade with a beautiful shape from all angles face, address, and back face.

Again these are available as a full MB set 4-PW or in any make up you choose or a Combo set as we suggest.


A-Grind calls this the HC or half cavity,  we are going to call it the CMB Cavity Back Iron but it’s a simple design that was made to flow effortlessly from the MB’s short irons.

Available in Combo make up as you desire or a full set of CB’s consisting of 4-PW.


The A-Grind CMB Driving Iron comes in many lofts #2/3/4/5/6!  So in theory you can go from Driving Iron to MB or CB straight.

Below we will be showing you more profile images from various angles,  TSG is offering custom builds or heads only for these and can even custom finish & paint fill the CB & MB for you,  please contact [email protected] for your custom combo set.


MB at address,  minimal offset,  thin top line and great shape.


Same goes for the CB but with a slightly thicker top line, sole, and just a smidge more offset.

Japanese Golf CLubs

Into the Driving iron which isn’t supposed to match perfectly but still flows well visually,  it’s designed all around making your long irons much easier to hit.


MB Sole


CB Sole has the same grind and shape

A-Design A Grind Golf


Face shape in the MB



A-Grind Golf Clubs







A-Grind CMB Hybrid Iron


Royal Collection



  1. I am drawn to the Agrind clubs. The design and finish is clean and simple.

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  3. Driving iron, CB, Blade combo! How do these perform and do the specs match up?

  4. Im gonna get me a set of these! Email sent

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