A Brand is Born – The KYOEI Blade


Here you have it first pics of the new Kyoei Blade and its a stunner especially in hand.  Today we are going into the product then our next blog post will be about the history of Tamaki Sakamoto and the great story behind Kyoei Factory.  Follow the Jump for more information and photos of the New Kyoei Blade!


The official release date of the new Kyoei MB is today,  TSG is now shipping sets of 4-PW in one of two standard finishes.   The first is a smooth polished chrome mirror while the second is a raw grain black dye finish.  Kyoei is starting their own house label with a single product which is a tried and proven design that combines a classic shape with modern influences.


Kyoei is also offering a variety of custom finishes that are special order like the above which is in black nickel.  The second photo in this blog post shoes a matte soft gray finish.  In coming months TSG will be highlighting more of these in our marketing.

We have been testing these blades for some time now and can say with certainty that the sole grind is special.  Kyoei calls this their 5 cut sole which we found worked perfectly with golfers that have a steep downward blow and a semi shallow decent.  I think more brands should follow Kyoei’s lead in creating sole designs that work for both types of players.


There is something about the raw grain black finish that makes people smile.  It will wear beautifully starting with the impact spot and sole areas that make contact with the ground.  They also feel very soft.


Its hard to choose between the two standard options.  Usually we are not fans of chrome mirror but after seeing the Kyoei blade in this finish it was hard to resist so I ordered my personal set this way.

In another blog post we will show in hand photos vs these studio pictures.  In hand they are some of the most stunning blades I have ever seen,  something about its simplicity and sharp edges give it a very clean and sharp appearance.

In the below photo we have a chart that shows the face progression numbers’s which would make any purist player happy.  Those numbers translate into near zero offset.  6.0FP to some is also known as onset.  I have yet to find very many irons with this straight of a neck and combine that with its razor thin top line and five cut sole and we have an iron that embodies both the future and the past.

Kyoei is not claming big distance or forgiveness with this club its meant to put the player in touch with the DNA of the brand.  It is designed to be an introduction to the capabilities of Kyoei Golf and help people understand how important this company is to the Japan Golf Industry.  I will save the history of the family and factory for our next blog post as it will be a long one.  For now just focus on this beautiful blade.

The new Kyoei Blade retails at 175 per head and is sold 4-PW only at the moment.  Now shipping to our customers at TourSpecGolf – (Click Here)

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