The American Classic Remastered – MacGregor IM-G5 Classic!


Introducing the MacGregor Japan Tourney Classic IM-G5 Iron Master Putter!  This putter is 100% made in Japan as a limited edition based on the original dating back to the 1930’s when it was named after Tommy Armor.  Back in the 30’s to 40’s it cost only $8.00 brand new oh have time changed as today it costs almost $600 dollars.  Ready for more images and explanation? Follow the Jump…


Back in the day there were three versions

· IM straight neck 
· IMG gooseneck 
· IMGN Swan neck

The number after the model name represents the length. IMG 5 → 35 inch.  IM stands for Iron Master while the G stands for gooseneck.  Players who play L style putters use them to  avoid the left side.


This head is 100% CNC milled of stainless steel in Japan.  The quality is beyond anything MacGregor golf has ever produced.  The heel weight is made of SS at 10 grams while the toe is 19 grams made of tungsten to promote a straighter roll.


Its body is made of SS400 an extremely soft Japanese steel while the face milling has a cool wave effect to promote straightening of miss-hits.


It comes with a wrench yet no extra weights  ( sold separately ) It comes with a leather head cover along with a special Microfiber grip (69g) made by Muzik Golf.


The putters shaft is the heavier 136 g “NS Pro” made by Nippon Shaft Co producing a stable stroke with moderate weight sensation.  Its such a beautiful and well made putter and having putt with it myself I can say with confidence it is the best iteration of any L shape putter to hit the market to date.


These will go quickly and TSG only has several in stock.  You may purchase by ( clicking here ).


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