Miura MG-S01 Giken Wedge Golf6

Miura MG-S01 Wedge – Miura Japan not to be confused with Miura Global has released their newest model of wedge.  The MG-S01 which is what I would classify as a semi game improvement wedge due to it’s extra size, width, and shape.

It is made of FE Iron 99.3% something we saw back years ago with TourStage Maru Limited wedges. Follow the Jump to read more impressions and to view our pictures…

Miura MG-S01 Giken Wedge Golf5

While the shape and size lends itself to more forgiveness the removal of metal toward the sole on the back face lifts the center of gravity.

The image below shows a chunky neck transition some of our members call the Japanese shovel look.  It’s where there is a hump just past the neck.  This is taking nothing away from it as many players find this look inspires confidence but also these wedges are great for those who can miss heel side providing more real estate to forgive ones errors.

Miura MG-S01 Giken Wedge Golf2

Miura Giken has gone with the most popular lofts used in Japan 50/52/56/58 you can also custom order a 48* or 60* special from TSG that is done at the factory.

It’s face is CNC milled while it’s score lines are not pressed but rather engraved,  this is a step up from normal pressed and ground flat faces that Miura has used in the past.

Miura MG-S01 Giken Wedge Golf4

It’s sole is wide,  it has a good and subtle amount of trail edge relief and the leading edge has a nice smooth curve to it.  The bounce angles are also optimal for the loft / design.  50/7 – 52/10 – 56/12 – 58/10.

The Miura MG-S01 does have a bit more offset for a wedge but not much.  now available at the TSG ProShop you can purchase head only or we can custom build you a wedge by emailing us directly.  Click Here for the official product listing.

Miura MG-S01 Giken Wedge Golf3

Miura MG-S01 Giken Wedge Golf1



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