2017 Japan Golf Fair – ONOFF

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And the winner of best booth this year goes to ONOFF!  Thats just my opinion of course Callaway was bigger but gaudy and neon green.  Actually Daiwa the parent company of ONOFF had 3 booths this year as they now own Fourteen golf and there was also GIII which is their higher end stuff for the older player.

We also got to pay a visit to our old friend and former employee Tario Cham who was working the Onoff booth for the golf show.  Always great to see him and learn about the new products from someone who knows his stuff.  Follow the jump for more photos!

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The most exciting thing for us was the ONOFF Kuro iron,  we have been waiting years for these!  They are part of the black series as usual but this time Shingo Katayama the Japanese cowboy designed each of the clubs from wedges thru irons and woods.

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Interestingly the black series are the worse selling models for ONOFF as they are geared to the better player.  Yet at Tourspecgolf the black series are some of the best sellers well only the irons actually but still.  This years version is like the old version married the CB358 labo spec version,  it seems much more CB358 than the older model with its sharper toe,  flatter sole and boxy top line.

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This thing reads Shingo all over it and we like it.  while the back face is chrome mirror the face and topline to hosel are all a non glare satin.  On paper I was thinking they cant be as soft as the previous version but according to Tario they are even softer.

Loving this high and sharp aggressive toe.  Also worth noting is that unlike the CB358 Labo this new Kuro iron will not wear as badly in the face,  this was an issue with the 358 is after very few rounds the cool mill would be compromised.  T confirmed this was remedied.

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Even the setup is very Katayama-esque its sold as a base set of #6 thru 46*… thats right not even a #5 as shingo uses many high lofted woods but they also call the PW a 46* and that works for us its something unique for sure.

The 46* matches the rest of the wedges so you can order a matching 52 and 58* as well.  Extra #4 and #5 is available as an option.

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The chrome mirror was a little hard to take photos of so I cant wait to get these into the studio for some better images.  Overall we were very impressed with them.

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Beautiful setup with gorgeous flowers.

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I have never been a big fan of onoff woods especially because many require a sleeve which onoff does not supply in order to reshaft.  But I must say the new black full titanium fairway wood caught my eye,  everything from its profile  to face shape and wow a players wood made of Ti,  it should put up a good battle against the Crazy Full Titan.

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Now on to the all new GIII Signature series which is coming out next month.  This line up is great for the slower swinging senior who has some coin.  Every club is high COR . from drivers, to fairway wood to irons and when I mean high COR ONOFF takes it to the very edge when it comes to face thickness so do not let your 110mph swinging buddy take a crack at this one on the range.

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All gold of course!  And below look at this face!  its more aesthetics than anything else but it looks quality and expensive.

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The address view is pretty unique it has two channels on the top side as well.  So many brands are doing all sorts of things to brace the near the face to produce better rebound and ball speeds.  Very few things work enough to notice a difference.

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More bling and again every iron and wedge has a non conforming face!

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And then there is the putter,  while it looks a bit wild at address it frames the ball extremely well.  I may buy one of these simply to refinish or modify.

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Thank you very much for tuning in we have the new Kuro black series in the TSG Pro Shop – Click Here

Also the new GIIIs which ship next month will be in the TSG Proshop in the next day or two.

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