2017 Japan Golf Fair – Fourteen Golf

Fourteen Golf Brand14

The latest from Fourteen Golf at the 2017 Japan Golf Fair.   The two major releases at the event were the HI877 and the FH900 cavity back.  Lets start with the new HI877,  its yellow!  I like that they went this route as its different.  below a photo of its profile from the back face,  obviously its a hollow structure with internal weighting with a design that caters to the mid to high handicapper or someone who can handle some noticeable offset in a club.   All that said its super easy to hit high long and straight.  Follow the Jump for more…

Fourteen Golf Brand1

The HI877 has a nice curve to its wide sole,  I don’t like how the number is pushed off to the left but thast how many of these multi material irons have to be made now days.  They use AM355P steel cup face and a stainless steel body and you want a cup face as the feel tends to be a little more spongy and soft as well as the ball speeds are indeed a little higher.

Fourteen Golf Brand3

If you have no issues with the color and the offset this is an awesome replacement for a long iron.  The #1 kingpin of driving irons in this segment is the PRGR Egg Hybrid which also looks funky yet flies multiple clubs longer than others and launches high and straight this fourteen would have similar attributes.

Fourteen Golf Brand4

The face profile is nice and shallow helping the ball get airborne quickly.

Fourteen Golf Brand2

Here is where some may have issues is in the amount of offset it has.  Its noticeable and while you may not like it visually it helps its performance big time.  Offset on the internet is the devil which is the biggest misconception around.  You need offset people,  even the pros understand offset is their friend its just a matter of how much the eye can handle.

Fourteen Golf Brand6

Fourteen Golf Brand13

Here is something special a metallic green HI877 they had on hand.  It is not going to release but its cool to see.  If you really like this club TSG can also have it painted aftermarket with custom paint fill.

Fourteen Golf Brand5

Very cool apparel and accessories on hand that we especially liked because it was casual and not golfy.  We don’t care for the big logos plastered on it though.

Fourteen Golf Brand12

Now on to the FH900 and its a beaut fourteen is able to create a players CB with big perimeter weighting for more forgiveness where as most brands will make the cavity larger fourteen seems to adapt its aesthetics well in order to have smaller cavities and that means the there is more  and thicker material surrounding that cavity.

Fourteen Golf Brand15

What I really like about the new FH-900 is the face shape especially how close to the sole around the toe it lifts rather quickly.  Very good look to my eye.

Fourteen Golf Brand11

The shape at address is also excellent everything that a good player would want from the thin top line to minimal offset.  Its really just a little larger than a blade.

Fourteen Golf Brand10

More cool accessories in the booth.

Fourteen Golf Brand9

The DJ-33 was on hand which is a very forgiving wedge thats easy to launch and land soft,  it is also excellent for bunkers and works well for both sweepers and diggers.

Thanks for reading and if interested TSG can order all of fourteens clubs with some great custom shafts and grips but if you want to take things to the next level we can also do heavier modifications to your clubs.  All the new Fourteen Golf items can be found here (click here)

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